Oledone Hubble Driving Lights: Illuminating Your Journey

As you cruise along the open road, safety is always paramount. And a high-quality driving light is a crucial piece of equipment for enhancing driving safety. Today, We are thrilled to introduce Oledone Hubble Driving Lights – a perfect blend of exceptional performance and stylish design.

Our Hubble Driving Lights are equipped with industry-leading Osram chips, representing the cutting-edge of lighting technology. Widely recognized for their efficiency and stability, these chips ensure powerful and durable lighting. With Hubble’s assistance, nighttime driving will be as clear as day, greatly enhancing your driving safety.

Moreover, Hubble boasts a powerful 150W and a brightness of 16000 Lumens, allowing you to clearly discern road conditions in any adverse weather.

It’s worth mentioning that our Hubble Driving Lights feature a unique 6D lens design. This not only significantly elevates the product’s aesthetics but also refines the light beam to better meet user needs through ingenious optical engineering. This design not only optimizes the lighting effect but also enhances the product’s practical value.

To cater to different driving environments and personal preferences, Hubble offers two beam patterns: Combo and Spot. The Combo beam is ideal for city and suburban roads, providing a wide illumination range and expansive visibility. For instance, Hubble L16000 offers a 1 lux illumination width of 150 meters and a reach of 600 meters. On the other hand, the Spot beam is specially designed for long-distance highway driving, featuring long-range and strong penetrability. Taking Hubble L16000 as an example, its 1 lux illumination distance is up to 800 meters.

In terms of waterproof performance, Hubble excels, achieving an IP68 rating. This ensures normal operation even in extreme rain or snow, guaranteeing your driving safety.

Furthermore, Hubble Driving Lights conform to the international certification standards of R112 and R7, serving as a solid guaranty of product quality and a solemn commitment to consumer safety.

From design to production, Oledone pursues the utmost excellence. Installing Hubble Driving Lights not only enhances driving safety but also adds unique charm to your beloved vehicle.

In conclusion, Hubble Driving Lights, with their outstanding performance, user-friendly design, and reliable quality, are undoubtedly your trustworthy companion for nighttime driving. Choosing Hubble means opting for a dual guarantee of safety and quality. Let’s illuminate our journeys together with Hubble, enjoying a safe and comfortable driving experience!

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