Great News: OLEDONE MESH intelligent chasing light wins Prestigious MUSE Gold Award

muse award

OLEDONE MESH intelligent chasing light, a masterpiece design tailored for off-road enthusiasts, has been awarded the esteemed MUSE Gold Award. This innovative product raises the bar in lighting technology, introducing smart control and interactive light effects that transcend traditional systems.

The chasing light’s industry-leading wireless mesh network revolutionizes lighting control, allowing users to seamlessly connect with a dedicated app. This enables online customization and adjustment of light effects based on user preferences, creating a personalized and immersive experience. Additionally, a unique “group mode” facilitates synchronized lighting displays among nearby units, enhancing teamwork and coordination.

The chasing light’s geometric design exudes a striking three-dimensional optical effect, while its optical signals adhere to SAE and ECE standards, reflecting OLEDONE’s commitment to excellence. The integration of multiple lighting systems and flexible switching of light signals improve communication efficiency in challenging terrains. A high-intensity brake light, warning light, and outward-extending reverse lights contribute to a broad and far-reaching illumination, enhancing safety for trailing vehicles.

The chasing light’s strobe function is a particularly notable feature, serving as a valuable warning tool in emergency scenarios. This innovation significantly reduces the risk of rear-end collisions, enhancing safety for all road users.

The MUSE Gold Award is a testament to OLEDONE’s dedication to innovation and quality in the lighting industry. The MESH intelligent chasing light not only meets the demands of off-road enthusiasts but also sets a new benchmark for lighting technology globally. We look forward to seeing more such innovations from OLEDONE in the future.

The MUSE Design Awards, established by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015, is an international design competition dedicated to recognizing excellent and original design work from across the globe. The award aims to push the boundaries of design possibilities, inspiring others to further elevate the standards of the design world.

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